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Sunday School

Mission. The mission of the Sunday School is to provide a clear and deeper understanding of the Bible through lessons taught by instructors committed to effective teaching.

How can you be involved? If you desire to be a committed student, teacher, or volunteer, there's a place for you here. We have classes for various youth and adults; classes take place each Sunday starting at 9:30 AM. If you would like to request a class or have a suggestion, please let us know.


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Youth and Family Ministry

Mission. The mission of the Family Ministry is to serve the needs of youth, spouses, and families.

Relationships are a core part of who God is and who He would have us to become. The priority of relationships in God’s plan is seen from the very beginning of His written revelation. In Genesis we see God in relationship with himself; God in relationship with man; male and female in relationship with each other in marriage; parents and children in relationship in the family.


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Mission. The mission of the Ushers is to ensure that you know that , "we are SO glad to have you here!!!"

Goal. Our constant goal is to have a commitment to God, His church, and the community. We have to be energetic, enthusiastic and ready to serve.

Radical Hospitality

How can you be involved? We welcome your suggestions and we welcome your participation. If you have a desire or gift for hospitality and service (youth and adult), Ushering may be a perfect match for you.


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Bible Study

Mission. The mission of the Bible Study ministry is to create an energetic, no-holds-barred, fellowship totally centered around the Bible. It is our mission to increase a love for and reliance on the Bible for daily wisdom. 

At Zion, we are ever thirsty for the Word of Truth yet, at the same time, fully satisfied by the ever-giving fountain of Living Water.

How can you be involved? Just come to our Bible Study opportunities - you'll be glad you did! We do not "talk at" participants; we fellowship with one another. Bring your most difficult questions and controversial issues. All are welcomed to weekly Bible Study each each Wednesday - except for the 3rd Wednesday each month in which we put our studies in action through local mission work.


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Praise Dance

Mission. The mission of the Praise Dance Ministry is to praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ through the art of liturgical and expressive dance. We take joy in knowing that our bodies are being used as vessels and temples of the Holy Spirit as we worship and praise our Lord through dance in order to minister to others.

Psalm 149:3a - "Let them praise His name in the dance!"

How can you be involved? Be open to change, present at Mt. Zion and excited about praising the Lord.


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Music Ministry

Mission: The Mt. Zion Music Ministries mission is to help usher in the presence of The Holy Spirit and allow God's children to grow spiritually in their praise & worship. 

What’s “in store”: 2014 Is going to be a great year for the music ministry.  We expect the presence of God to continue and dwell with us as we expand and grow to larger numbers. Also, we will place more emphasis on the children's choir and an additional, strong praise & worship team.

The Mt. Zion Music Ministry is always looking for devoted, saved new members that are hungry for worship. For more information please contact Sean Potts @ seanpotts.mtzion@gmail.com or 972.876.8736 (please leave detailed message if calling).


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Purpose: Sisterhood is a ministry designed to foster spiritual growth in women of all ages through bible-based fellowship.

Mission: Our mission is to strengthen women by uplifting, inspiring and promoting unity centered around fellowship that is bible-based and rooted in equipping women with the full armor of God. Ephesians 6:11



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